Foreign trade solutions​

GB Road is a driving force in the world of international trade, facilitating the connection between different markets and cultures through the export and import of high quality products, and also acting as a trading company. We are a company committed to promoting global economic growth while providing reliable and innovative solutions to our customers' needs.

International Business


International Business

We specialize in foreign trade, working in the development of suppliers, companies/connections, carrying out exports and imports via trading.


We offer assistance in structuring a competitive business in the international market, tailored to each operation, ranging from pricing, negotiation, organization, preparation and review of documents and logistics to the final destination.


Our transactions are carried out under secrecy and confidentiality, ensuring reliability and security throughout the process.

We believe in the Power of Global Commerce:​

GB Road is more than a business intermediary; We are a bridge that unites dreams, aspirations and different cultures. We believe in the power of global trade to create a more connected, diverse and enriching world for everyone. Whether you are a local producer looking for new horizons or a customer wanting access to exceptional products from around the world, GB Road is here to make the import and export experience fluid, successful and rewarding. Join together to explore new markets, build solid relationships and reach new heights of success.​

Areas of expertise



We work with three categories of products for import and export:


A world of business awaits you.


GB Road Importação e Exportação, a company founded by experts and entrepreneurs who have been operating for over twenty years, was created to optimize the demands of Brazil and the world.

Result of the merger of five business and holding companies, its partners have experience in the robust national and international distribution network for commodities, construction materials, fertilizers and much more.

Expand your business!
Count on our expertise and obtain efficiency and operational security to operate in the international market

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